The course

The tee and the target

A disc golf course is typically composed of 9 or 18 holes. On each hole players attempt to reach a target, starting at the tee. Distances vary be- tween 60 and 150 meters. Almost anything can serve as a goal: a tree, a lamppost or a dustbin. In official tournaments disc trapping targets are used. A target is a round metal basket on a pole. Above the basket some loose chains are attached. These stop the disc in its flight and make it fall down into the basket. The target is then reached only when the disc falls into the basket.


Every hole has specified boundaries. These are mostly natural and follow the landscape, like a road, a flower-bed or a lake. When your disc lands outside the playing field it is out-of-bounds. Players get a penalty of one throw and can continue at the position where the disc left the playing field. If the disc falls into water, the next throw is taken from the bank at the point where it left the playing field.